Thursday, February 26, 2009

Raccoons Everywhere - even the White House

The "First" Raccoon - friend of the White House

What is is with the raccoons? I wrote in my post yesterday about my little friend Bandit who shows up on my back porch every night. I got an email from a friend with photos of her friends as well. And, then, a raccoon at the White House - what a presidential raccoon? It's true - seems the masked bandit has been hanging out on the White House grounds and has managed to escape security until yesterday when he was captured by the park service.

Bullwinkle, Boris, & Natasha - Friends of Tattered and Lost

Rocky - another friend of Tattered and Lost

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No one up but me and Bandit....

Rendezvous with Bandit

Sleepless nights often bring me to the kitchen for a midnight snack. But, I'm usually not the only one. Bandit, a large raccoon, lives in the huge oak tree beside our house and often meets me just the other side of the kitchen door for a snack - for me a cookie, or cheese puffs - for him yummy Meow-mix cat food. We have become goods friends and he isn't frightened. He even gets along well with the cats who share their food. They do seem to be disturbed that he washes his face in their water though. Blogger friends - meet Bandit.

Good-night Bandit - enjoy the Meow-mix.

Tomorrow - pictures from the show. I'm still recovering.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're at the show.....

Finally at the show in Nashville! Opening tonight. Photos to come. You won't believe my booth - well yes..... you probably will, Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Kisses My Love

Give me three kisses - once on each cheek
and then my luscious red lips!
Haywood County, Tennessee, Circa 1940
Once again the discarded fabrics of the life of the maker have found their way into the making of a utilitarian object. Constructed of discarded red knit socks, black wool suiting and black cotton dress fabrics this very unique rug is a true artistic expression of love. The deceased maker would likely be surprised if she knew the effect that her individual design has upon us - a deep appreciation for the simple, yet complex works of art that these objects represent. Black & Lip Stick Red!The rug is in excellent unworn condition. There are a few stray absent loops of fabric here and there but that is not the result of wear - it is as a result of the untrained hand of the maker. Additionally, some of the loops are tight are some are more loosely constructed - this was purposely done to create a look of texture. It's a fabulous work of art!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

99 Hearts for Valentine's Eve

99 Hearts
African American Quilt Circa 1930's

Fantastic African American quilt found in Texas's oldest town, Nacogdoches. Clovers of 99 Red Hearts in two varying shades of red are laid to a bleached muslin ground. Outer 2 edges are halved with merely a single heart in lower corner - consequence of an African American superstitious tradition to avoid creation in symmetrical fashion - no evil spirits here. For a maker of pristine quilts, the lining (back) of this quilt would be an odd color choice for a red & white quilt. But for the African American quilt maker it would be a color she loved - the back is dyed cotton muslin in lime green.

Detail of Improvisational Heart Quilt

Detail of Dyed Back of Quilt

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It really is a small world

Many of you know that we collect vernacular snapshots. I especially love those with a message written on the back, or sometimes on the front. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this photograph from a photography dealer in California. It was taken in my tiny hometown, Newbern, Tennessee in 1937. How it made its way from Tennessee to California, or if perhaps the photograph was taken by someone passing through, we will never know. Of course, I had to add this one to our collection.