Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Kisses My Love

Give me three kisses - once on each cheek
and then my luscious red lips!
Haywood County, Tennessee, Circa 1940
Once again the discarded fabrics of the life of the maker have found their way into the making of a utilitarian object. Constructed of discarded red knit socks, black wool suiting and black cotton dress fabrics this very unique rug is a true artistic expression of love. The deceased maker would likely be surprised if she knew the effect that her individual design has upon us - a deep appreciation for the simple, yet complex works of art that these objects represent. Black & Lip Stick Red!The rug is in excellent unworn condition. There are a few stray absent loops of fabric here and there but that is not the result of wear - it is as a result of the untrained hand of the maker. Additionally, some of the loops are tight are some are more loosely constructed - this was purposely done to create a look of texture. It's a fabulous work of art!!!


willow said...

This is fabulous!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

John Foster said...

Ooooh, I love it!!

Elizabeth said...

Valentine's Day Greetings!