Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No one up but me and Bandit....

Rendezvous with Bandit

Sleepless nights often bring me to the kitchen for a midnight snack. But, I'm usually not the only one. Bandit, a large raccoon, lives in the huge oak tree beside our house and often meets me just the other side of the kitchen door for a snack - for me a cookie, or cheese puffs - for him yummy Meow-mix cat food. We have become goods friends and he isn't frightened. He even gets along well with the cats who share their food. They do seem to be disturbed that he washes his face in their water though. Blogger friends - meet Bandit.

Good-night Bandit - enjoy the Meow-mix.

Tomorrow - pictures from the show. I'm still recovering.


Tattered and Lost said...

I was sitting at my desk one night very late busily working when I heard a commotion on my deck. I flung open my door and turned on the light and there were four young raccoons. They immediately ran over to my screen door and all stood up with paws on the door begging me for attention. I obliged by telling them they really shouldn't be knocking things over on my deck. I knew I was out of my mind to be bent over talking to raccoons through the screen but they were so cute. Now I know I'm not alone. You're as crazy as me. Say hello to Bandit and keep your distance.

Marti said...

that makes 3 of us up for a midnight snack kim. cheese puffs, I haven't had cheese puffs in such a long time I better add that to my grocery list! all I have is chocolate pudding.
so here's a toast to the nocturnal threesome.

nice to meet you bandint...i love your eye wear mask.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

That is wild...literally! Bandit the night thief!! It is amazing the flash didn't scare him!