Sunday, March 22, 2009

If you're wondering why we haven't been blogging lately...

We are getting ready for Marburger Farms in Round Top, Texas. For the past few weeks we have been cleaning and scrubbing and polishing and packing for the trip next week. We leave on Wednesday morning. The Texas shows are GREAT! In the tiny towns of Round Top (pop. 83) and Warrenton approximately 5000 + dealers will fill the cow pastures, and farms with antique wares spanning all time periods. We have some great things for the show, a country store table, some industrial pieces, quilts, ironstone, lights, chairs - I can go on and on. I think my favorite thing at the moment would be the 12 Arts & Crafts period jurors chairs from a jury box in the courthouse in Mayfield, KY. Windsor in design with a cast iron base, they swivel and rock back with the slight turn of the cast iron knob at the front of the chairs - very unusual!

But, Round Top is more than about selling. Loads of fun will be had by all the next week and a half in Texas. There will be plenty of parties, (even a junk gypsy prom), loud Texas music, get togethers with friends, and did I mention parties!!!! If you have never been you should go - and go now!
I promise to take lots and lots of photos - because there will be many Kodak moments, I can assure you. It's not Vegas, but close. And, what happens in Texas, stays in Texas - well... usually. I will be back on April 6 so look for many, many photos after my return. I'm sure you'll get the full scoop from the many other bloggers who will be there. And, if I get a chance to use my friends laptop, I'll post some pics along the way!!



Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooh. That sounds like a ball, thousands of antique dealers taking over a tiny town of 83. Take pix, I'll live vicariously through you!

willow said...

Good luck! Have fun!

Keith Burcalow said...

In reference to talking of the community of Round Top, you have your article listing the population as 83. The correct population is 77, and has been 77 for many years.

Keith Burcalow
Marburger Farm Security
Round Top-Warrenton VFD

Kim and David said...

Thanks Keith. I stand corrected! Kim