Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everything is BIGGER and LOUDER in Texas

It's nearing midnight on Thursday, April 2nd, and back at the Bunkhouse (a place we share with friends), the bed feels comfy and cozy. It's been a long day. Out in the tents we have dealt with horrible winds up to 50 mph and selling has been slow due to the weather. It's dead silence here on the 10 acres of property in the tiny town of Round Top - even the Texas long horns which roam the fenced green grasses appear to be sleeping. Just moments before, down the road a few miles in yet another tiny town named Warrenton, it was anything but silent. They say everything is bigger in Texas and to that claim to fame they should add - louder! Two bands were rocking, booze was flowing, great barbecue was smoking, big hair was flying, and the most outrageous outfits of the evening were being flaunted. The tiny town of just under 100 residents was overflowing with everyone but locals; who had pulled their blinds, plugged their ears, and slipped fearfully under the covers until the whole thing passed - which would be about 3 a.m. This is undoubtedly the most talked about event in all of Round Top/Warrenton week (and has even been featured on Good Morning America) - The Junk Gypsy Prom. The whole thing started about 10 years ago and has been rockin ever since. If you don't already have an outfit when you arrive you can purchase one from the Junk Gyspy Girls Tent, or from one of the other vendors who add the prom attire to their inventory just in time for a last minute frock. Each year, the event grows and I do believe this was the most attended ever. Everyone was there - I do mean everyone - although we didn't see him, it has been reported that Willie Nelson himself showed up - of course it is the social event of antique week, so I'm sure it was possible.

Underneath the blankets at the Bunkhouse spilling through the silence from my subconscious, I could still hear the music playing, the smell of the wonderful food from Royers Cafe seemed to still fill the air in my room. There was quiet all around me - but the party was still going on in my head. It's like going from New York City to the country in 60 seconds.

Theresa - time-worn interiors. She has more prom pics on her blog as well.

All Ages Join The Fun!!!!

This had to be the most creative prom hat ever!

Too Much Fun For The Little One!

Me and David in the Outhouse Photo Booth. We were party poopers and didn't get an outfit.

The Junk Gypsy Outhouse Photo Booth.
Get Your Prom Frock Here!


simplyiowa said...

You two are a wonderful team! Always a smile on your faces, always fun to be around. Looks like you were having a super time in Texas! Love your look, all of it, every show!
'til next time,
Barb C.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I was also at the Prom and MOst of my photos are the children. They were adorable. But I have many photos on my blog and facebook also.

Thanks for your fabulous Sprin Event in Texas stories!

Smiles, Cyndi