Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wish you were here... Photos from Texas Antique Show

Here is our booth at Marburger Farms. It was a mix of fabulous things. One of the favorites of the shoppers had to be the 12 jurors chairs from the courthouse in Mayfield, Kentucky. We split them up in 2 sets of 6. One set went to a customer who bought them to use on her drinking porch and the other 6 went to a young couple in Dallas for use in their apartment. They were totally cool with an iron base with a knob that turned to allow for rocking back in the chairs. They dated to the 1930s - Arts & Crafts style.

These vintage hay rake wheels were a big hit as well. They flew out of the booth. They were removed from an old hay raking machine and mounted on stands as art. The style was Steampunk - a new term now being used in the home furnishingS and fashion markets. They went to Dallas and Atlanta. I wish we had more.

This stepback industrial shelf was totally steampunk style. It was amazing and was my favorite piece. Constructed entirely of iron the shelves were woven like a basket. It had nice design elements such as iron ball feet and finials. It went home with a customer from Austin who is going to use it for clothing.

This is my friend Aaron Rambo's booth. He, along with his partner, Ruth Davis, own a fabulous shop in Houston called Found. Aaron's stunning "loft/warehouse like" home was recently included in the coffee table book Domestic Art published by Assouline. Aaron's work is to die for - he's one of the top designers in Houston. Their booth sold out twice

Looking for more great steampunk or something a little out of the ordinary? Well, it was all here in the booth of my longtime friends - Steve Schwartz and Casey Hale of Urban Country.





Pam said...

Hi Kim & David,
Your booth looked great. Gary especially loved the hay rake wheels! I bet you did wish you had more of them! Glad you did well. We hated not being there,

John Foster said...

WOW!!! What a great trip, I wish I had been there!!

time-worn interiors said...

Hey girl! I sure was glad to get home, what about you? I enjoyed the time we spent together, and I'm looking forward to the fall!
I added you back to my list, not sure what happen to it the first time!
Later Theresa