Monday, December 8, 2008

a definately rescripted scissor lamp

This fabulous scissor lamp ranks among one of my most favorite finds of all time. I bought it in NYC from a great dealer, Judith Milne at the Pier Show last November. It fits beautifully above my comfy leather chair and always gets lots of curious comments. It's a perfect light when reading all my favorite shelter mags. I love to take what once was - and recreate it to what's now. You might be surprised to learn that in its former life it was used in a hospital. Yep - that's right it is a surgeons lamp. It mounted to the wall in the operating room and the scissor function allowed for placing light over the patient. Pretty high style for back in the 1930's! The lamp is made of chrome and the handle that you see on the front allowed for the placement of the lamp for the surgeon. Its form is amazing. I love the handle and the large bell shaped top. The lamp lends itself to many styles and decors - I call it Urban Design - great for a loft but perfect in my home too. Don't forget to check out our new website. It went live last night
Our next blog post will be Wednesday evening, December 10. Till then.....

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