Monday, December 15, 2008

designing with the masters at the FlowerSchool NY

Master Floral Designer Michael George

For 14 months last year, I had the honored pleasure of studying with master floral designers, Michael George and Felipe Sastre, as well as a few other master designers in the city, at the prestigious FlowerSchool NY in New York City. I'm sure that you've heard the name Michael George mentioned many times as he is not only the designer to rich and famous celebrities, but he is somewhat of a celebrity himself. He is seen frequently on Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, as well as numerous other popular programs and has appeared in many shelter publications. His list of clients, (and here it is very brief), include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vogue, VH1 and numerous record labels and he still finds the time to lecture several floral design classes per week and author several books. He is an amazingly funny man, with an incredibly warm personality wrapped around all that talent. The designs taught at the school are non-traditional - more of an architectural precision - often simple yet very, very beautiful. "You can go as far as you like", says Michael. "Beautiful design doesn't have to be overwhelming, unless you want it to be." Each class begins with the selection of flowers, always the best ones from the large flower market in the city, and how to care for them to achieve longevity. Then the fun part begins as Michael or Felipe (another master designer who teaches some of the classes) explains the design and how to achieve it. All the help you'll ever need is right there with the masters to create a stunning arrangement. In the end, you get to take what you've created home!! We traveled to NY sometimes twice a week during the 14 months and I always took the flowers, hidden in a large bag, (which always got me funny looks from security), back home to Tennessee. The school, located in the Tudor Place neighborhood, was a 45 minute brisk walk from our hotel (The Paramount) - I always teased David that he was walking me to and from school - and yes, he always carried my books.

one of the many stunning designs taught by Michael George
the mysterious master designer - Michael George
always "to die for" flowers to work with
Felipe Sastre - another amazing master designer


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eddieross said...

That is such a cute shop! in tudor city! You all look like you had so much fun making those beautiful flower arrangement! Happy holidays!