Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Found Photograph

For those of you who are just learning a little about us, we thought you might like to know that we collect vintage vernacular snapshots. Of course, the quirky, mysterious ones always catch our eye. We have a rather large collection. We'll post a few over the next few weeks. Below is a spirit photograph probably 1950s that is one of our favorites. I especially love the text that was written on the back.

Even though Gwendolyn had passed away seven years before, she was often seen drifting in and out of her old sedan where her body had been found. (text written in pencil on back of photo), collection of David & Kim Leggett

To see and learn more about spirit photographs, view the amazing online exhibit at Luminous Lint Ghosts, Apparitions, Angels, Spiritual Visitations and Views of the Future, curated by Alan Griffiths. Please take time to read the intro - fascinating information.

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John Foster said...

WOW! This is a killer double exposure. Sometimes... rarely, they are PERFECT! This is one of those!
John Foster