Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Hug For Barack Obama

Unbelievably, we convinced our 3 year old granddaughter to bump Dora the Explorer to watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama with us. We told her she was witnessing an historical event that one day she would tell her children about. David got out the camera to take pictures so she would have something as a reminder in the future. We were all on the sofa watching the speech and she seemed to be really listening. She has talked about Barack Obama on several occasions throughout his campaign, as they have discussed the election in her pre-school class. At the end of the speech, as President Obama was greeting the crowd around him, Lila jumps up (this was not prompted) and said, "I'm going to give "Rock" (as she calls him) Obama a hug." She runs over to the TV and hugs him from the screen. Luckily David was still holding the camera, so he captured a great "Kodak moment".

Whether we agree, or disagree with the outcome of this election, I hope that we all, will come together and give a new voice and a new leadership a chance. Let's all embrace (hug) our new president in hope, love, and a better tomorrow.


willow said...

This is priceless! :)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Beautiful moment. A simple hug. Priceless!!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, we are all quite as dazzled as Lila!
When the little boy (aged almost 2) down the hall was asked how old he was going to be he said "OBAMA"
Tell Lila that "ROCK" rocks!